"Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

"Do unto others as others would have you do unto them."

Is there a conflict between the traditional golden rule and what has been called the platinum rule?

In some instances, there could be. For example, if you were a person who likes to be pushed to the limit by your running coach in order to build speed and endurance, you would be doing wrong if you pushed a person with a heart problem to the same limits on the track.

There are some people, called masochists, who enjoy enduring pain. Unless the "others" were also masochists, it would be wrong to force another to endure pain.

For that reason, it is vitally important that the desires of the "others" be considered in any dealing. For example, you like to eat meat and your friend is a vegetarian. Therefore, it would be essential to consider your friend's feelings in serving food.

The Golden Rule Ministries teaches an expanded golden rule of the New Millennium which encompasses all life in the universe, or all creation, and combines the essences of both the traditional golden rule and the platinum rule and applies the combination to all living things as would be God's Will.

The Golden Rule of the New Millennium mandates considering the feelings of all living creatures. Following are a few changes which would occur throughout the world if all persons strived to apply the Golden Rule to all aspects of their daily lives:

1. There would be no more inhumane treatment of food animals. Chickens, cows, pigs, and other animals would be allowed to live peaceful happy lives and when their time to provide protein came they would feel no fear or pain and their fellow creatures would not witness their demise.

2. Foresters would not clear-cut the forest and destroy the homes of the animals which live therein. They would carefully harvest individual trees, making sure that there were no nesting birds or other animals inhabiting the tree selected to be harvested.

3. Zoos would only house animals in conditions in which they could experience life in an environment similar to that in nature.

4. Prisons would no longer dehumanize prisoners by denying them access to the natural world. Rehabilitation would involve attempting to instill in them the Golden Rule so that upon reentry into society their lives would be changed and they would become productive, caring citizens.

5. School children would not be forced into windowless classrooms where they would suffer from learning, health, and behavioral disorders.

6. You can think of thousands of other examples of how our world would be made better if all persons made the Golden Rule of the New Millennium a part of their daily lives. We would be happy to hear some of your ideas about positive changes which would result.

The application of the Golden Rule of the New Millennium by all human beings would result in a world united by love, charity, respect, understanding, peace, honesty, integrity, kindness, and devotion to God.

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